By Abigail Hauschild

I don’t know when it happened
But I’m split in two
Is it your fault?

One girl stands in the ocean
Violent waves roaring around her
When you try to get close
You’re swept away in the riptide
She watches helplessly as her world
Gets lost to seas of violent emotion
She tries to call out and warn you
Don’t come closer
But her voice can’t drown out the howling storm of anxiety in her head
You couldn’t see that she was the danger

The other girl surrendered to the torrent
She dreams she’s a siren
As she sinks into the depths  
It’s quiet under the surface
Maybe if you sink with her
she’ll be able to sing again
Maybe you’ll be the sailor
to save her from the dark cold waters
She begs you to dive in
Come closer
But you slip through her fingers

Either way
We both drown
Is it my fault?

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