Dead Bumblebee : Reichstag Fire

By: Daniel Grigg

My love, I held you in the morning fascism.

Ate some drugs, my ba - la - loon. Hey Magyar.


Now when I say you’re a champagne socialist—

shoulda known you was tweaked, with eyes


the size of dinner plates. Bog people rise out

of the earth : young Stone Age king denuded,


muscles parasite the body. Watch 100 angry beetles


devour this man’s shaft!   

Ladybird, ladybird,


fly away home! Your house is on fire,

your children are burned. Now love,


when I say all this fist has done,

tell me you did not want to be alone.


I google drug names from your prescription bottles,

contagion you & muscles parasite my body.


Early warning signs of the come to power

& the morning after. Tonight I stayed up talking,


o! my ba - la - la - loon:


See, when I hit the suburbs, y’all hey-God,

in the cleft light of fascism on the sheets,


my love—for years I couldn’t move

my body & for years you have starved


yourself in my house before me.

Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home.


Your house is on fire,

your children shall burn.