Love Letter to My Eye Floaters

By: Daniel Grigg

how long I have lived with eyes wide blind,

life in the forest, save for the trees. 

& why could I see sun spots? & will-o-the-wisps,

& naïve angst, o deformity— god, to think I would have scrubbed you out!


o darlings : small sonata

swimming like UFOs across my skies : dashed before my eyes!

now I curate & multiply you,                    though I am no quarterback.


the love I want to give you is relief:

I’m being real here— o precious cosmic miscreant,

o garam masala: when you cut your Jesus hair

& poured my wine,

                                                                 on this magnified shine of night,

                                                                        o Xanax, o post-punk dread,


o summer sweat, o little wretch

& leave of absence & king of pain:

now You also are my responsibility.

I contagion you,                                            I venom you & cry you out.