retired touch thu FEB 8th, 2018 15:32:56

By: Grace Cavalier

based upon your form

undetectable (due to light absorbed),

alternating shudders combine their rumblings to misinterpret distance


in the trembling, covetous dream-

sadder shades of red melt, then coagulate within an intentional withdrawal

perceptions of precedence confuse the order

(we distribute biblical blame accordingly)

Dead Bumblebee : Reichstag Fire

By: Daniel Grigg

My love, I held you in the morning fascism.

Ate some drugs, my ba - la - loon. Hey Magyar.


Now when I say you’re a champagne socialist—

shoulda known you was tweaked, with eyes


the size of dinner plates. Bog people rise out

of the earth : young Stone Age king denuded,


muscles parasite the body. Watch 100 angry beetles


devour this man’s shaft!