Poetry 2016

Allgemeine Psychopathologie

By Naomi Bartlett

One time Shel Silverstien’s best friend told me to f--- off.
That’s what I really love about the air here; it bites hard.
When I said that I loved the way that you danced
I almost got kicked out of the SAT testing room.

One time the KGB told me in no uncertain terms
That I better watch my back. Later that day
I found a camera in the moon, hidden
With certainty, with incorrigibility, & with total impossibility.

One time I saw someone doing cartwheels
In the middle of the highway at rush hour.
We drove right through him & when I looked back

I was reminded irrevocably of the heritability of original sin.

Madness is doing the same thing over
And over and expecting different results.
I guess Narcotics Anonymous and Rita Mae Brown never googled
“schizophrenia test online free” at 4 in the morning.