Poetry 2016

Neon Journey

By James Elliott Neal

We cannot stay still.
This valley is eminent for human preservation.
Statues and national monuments litter the hillside,
Separating the battered organics from the soundly sleeping.

Base Camp was warm and inviting,
Due to the closeness achieved towards Poseidon's garden.
Now we are climbing to the half cut air,
Where only gods can be humanly devised.
I remember New Jersey, so ambiguously cunning.
Navy Blue Coat.
Pieces of memory flock the underlids of my eyes.

Before we left for the jagged heights,
Everyone understood that units survive cohesively,
And operate within themselves for the sake of their duration.
My mind hemorrhaged into believing that.
When I picked up the pieces after,
I saw the truth that I had avoided.

All things viscerally enjoyable,
Find their decrease within time’s cradle.
Leaving only the processed consciousness.

Gentle familia,
We are on a Neon Journey.
Do not stop.
I will not allow you, Red and Gray coat,
To lose yourselves over what may have been.
You will not color the rainbow.
Tragic is the grip of Rainbow Valley.
Humanity Countlessly enslaved by discontent.

But existence propels us forward,
We do not remain inert.

Stories will linger like the revised,
And make pleasant memory.

-Green Boots