Poetry 2015

If It’s Really Clean Meth

By: Katarina Bishop


Is it seventh providence raining from the globe?

When it's sick

there must be

too many lovers

relinquishing daytime arguments.

When I've held your flus inside of me,

the friendly antigens in my necessary organs,

like ziploc containers have pounds of cocaine in them

somewhere in the hotter countries.


Asexual reproduction has kept me alone this year.

I keep thinking Darwin, Aristotle,

lead me to hell if you've got the golden ticket

to murder the Minotaur,

to only genocide the lost causes,

but I'm not sure

if I want to drink the leftover blood anymore.


Like when you were friends

with absinthe for a year straight.

Imbrunire—the girls' eyes going for plum instead of teacake frosting.


Fiction is safe,

profane alone is safe, but

"Listen, are you sure you should be doing that?"

I can focus on the sandpaper

of roofer shingles

and I'll be safe.


it might be better

if I sell my guns to steadier shooters,

anarchist Girl Scouts,

to those who do not shudder under the fog,

debating topics like how we gave Native Americans

smallpoxed blankets in return for promised land.