Power Vinyasa

By: Jacquie Skona 

Head face down on the mat, you start in child’s pose, the one most instructors start with. It opens the hips and shoulders and is supposed to make you feel grounded, at peace. But peace couldn’t possibly exist in a room just shy of one hundred degrees. This class just began yet here you sit in this uncomfortable position, feeling small beads of sweat form along your forehead and limbs.


By: Cheyenne Bilderback

I fell in love with Chicago. A smattering of a thousand little worlds. Cities within cities encapsulated by an infinite lake. You and I often rode our rickety bikes through these little worlds, these cities within cities, alongside the infinite lake. It was easily my favorite sight in Chicago- unpolluted, calm, and quiet, much unlike the rest of the dirty urban streets (I also secretly loved the way the hue of your blue-green eyes matched the hue of the blue-green waves).

Slow Down

By: Andrew Cox


I do not know exactly when I learned that garbage trucks ran every day and not just on the day they collected our trash. I figured “Garbage Day” was universal. Santa can make it to each house around the world in one night – surely, these garbage men treat every Tuesday like Christmas: trucks flying off to every neighborhood unobserved in broad daylight.